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Why Use an Online Notary?

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Time Savings

Online notarization saves eliminates travel time and save time spent commuting. There is instant access to our notary services. We minimize administrative tasks like printing, scanning and mailing documents saving you time and effort.

Convenience and around your Schedule

Signers can call from anywhere and anytime to notarize their documents. Our service works around your schedule and your convenience. Online notarizations take on average 15 minutes start to finish and document is provide instantly after.

Record Keeping

Online notarization signings are stored and saved for up to 10 years. Each notarization is stored via SSL encryption that exceeds industry requirements and state compliance.


Our online notary platform is built for ease of use and user friendly, your notary will personally guide you through each transaction start to finish.

Our Process

1. Schedule Your Session

make an appointment, provide your first name, last name and upload your document. 

2. Access Your Video Call

You’ll receive a link to your email allowing you to join the session with your online notary. once joined the online notary platform will prompt you to verify identification.

3. We Notarize Your Document

Your notary will guide you through the signing process and notarize your document with an electronic seal.

How to Get Started

Our quick setup guide will show you how to get your document notarized online with us in a few simple steps. experience the convenience of remote online notarization.

Your Privacy And Security Is Our Priority

Identity Verification

We utilize a robust identity verification system that uses multi factor authentication and biometric identification for signers to ensure identity and prevent fraud.

Secure Encryption

All communication and document transmission during the RON process are encrypted using industry-standard encryption protocols. This ensures that your information remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

Audit Trail

Every step of the RON process is recorded and documented in an audit trail, including the identity verification process, document signing, and notarial acts. This audit trail serves as a verifiable record of the notarization process, providing transparency and accountability.

Common Documents


Any legal agreement between parties, such as sales contracts, lease agreements, employment contracts, or service agreements,.

Legal Documents

Affidavits, power of attorneys and many other court issued and legal documents

Real Estate Forms

Real estate loan closing packages, HELOC, refinances, lending documents

Medical Forms

Certain medical-related documents, such as medical consent forms, advance directives, and HIPAA authorization forms, may require notarization to ensure their validity and enforceability.

Construction Documents

Many documents such as lien waivers, installation documents, notice of commencement can be notarized and accepted for recording.

Insurance Documents

Various insurance-related documents, including insurance policies, beneficiary designation forms, and release of liability forms, may require notarization to validate their authenticity.

Our team

Aimani Lawless


Texas notary public, specializes in title packages and real estate documents via RON. Design lead.

Albert Lee


Mobile and online notary commissioned for the state of Texas. Owner and creator of Lee’s Mobile and Online Notary

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