Fast And Convenient Mobile Notary Services

We are commissioned and insured notary publics. We provide mobile notary services to Katy, Cinco Ranch, Richmond, Fulshear and any other nearby areas

Our Process

1. Call or Schedule

make an appointment, Call or create a booking. Let us 

2. We Drive to You

You’ll receive a link to your email allowing you to join the session with your online notary. once joined the online notary platform will prompt you to verify identification.

3. We Notarize Your Document

Your notary will guide you through the signing process and notarize your document with an electronic seal.

Why Hire a Mobile Notary?


Prompt Response


We Drive To You

Print And Scan

Legal Compliance

Common Documents


Documents between different parties, Contracts, Sales, Terms and Conditions.

Court Issued Documents

Affidavits, power of attorneys and many other court issued and legal documents we can notarize

Real-Estate Documents

Real estate closing packages, HELOC forms, refinances, deems and power of attorney for real estate documents.

Medical Power Of Attorney

Certain medical-related documents, such as medical consent forms, advance directives, and HIPAA authorization forms, may require notarization to ensure their validity and enforceability.

Contractor Forms

Many documents such as lien waivers, installation documents, notice of commencement can be notarized and accepted for recording. many contractors such as remodeling, solar and A/C requires a notary.

Insurance Forms

Various insurance-related documents, including insurance policies, beneficiary designation forms, and release of liability forms, may require notarization to validate their authenticity.


Most frequent questions and answers

A mobile notary  is a notary public that drives to the signers location. A mobile notary, like any other notary is commissioned by their state to conduct notarizations but mobile notaries provide the convenience and accessibility of calling the shots and the notary working around your schedule

Online notarization, also known as remote notarization, allows individuals to electronically sign and notarize documents using secure online platforms. It offers convenience and accessibility for clients who cannot physically meet with a notary in person.

As a mobile notary we work around your preferences and schedule. We drive to wherever is convenient whether that is your house, place of business or a coffee shop.

Notarizations on average take 15 minutes upon arrival of your mobile notary

About Us

Our mission is simple: to provide seamless and secure online notarization services tailored to meet your unique needs. With a commitment to professionalism and integrity, we strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences with every interaction.

Backed by experience in the notary field, our team of qualified notaries is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of legality and confidentiality. Whether you require remote online notarization for real estate transactions, legal documents, or any other important paperwork, we’ve got you covered.

Lee’s Notary Services leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline the notarization process, ensuring efficiency without compromising on security. Our platform prioritizes your convenience, allowing you to access our services from the comfort of your home or office, saving you time and eliminating the hassle of traditional notary appointments.

Our team

Albert Lee


Mobile and online notary commissioned for the state of Texas. Owner and creator of Lee’s Mobile and Online Notary

Aimani Lawless


Texas notary public, specializes in title packages and real estate documents via RON. Design lead.

We Streamline Local Business

Lee’s Mobile Notary aides businesses in making their notarizations more accessible by driving to the clients home or place of choice outside of regular business hours and notarizing documents quickly, efficiently, and legally.

We help realtors, law firms, and even construction companies with their clients needs whether their not able to travel or are far from the office.

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