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Most frequent questions and answers

No, you can be anywhere in the world, we can notarize online.

You will receive your document through email immediately after session is complete.

Unfortunately no; according to Texas notary laws we can online notarize documents for signers we understand directly.

We only take U.S. driver’s licenses and passports. 

Our virtual notary platform allows a range of devices to be used, include phones, tablets, and PCs.

We provide online notary services to Dallas, Texas

Our online notary service is global and available to all U.S. citizens.

We also provide online notary services to many Dallas, Texas residents.

We are commissioned online notaries based in Texas. We provide a great cost and time efficient alternative for notarizations

Get Your Documents notarized online, anytime.

The major benefit for online notarization is that you can have access to a bonded virtual notary at your convenience and on your time.

Our notarization process is easy and reliable. After identity authentication virtual notarizations are a breeze

Secure and legal

Online notarization is permitted by the Texas Secretary of State and accepted and almost all states depending on receiver.

available 24/7

Since our service is done online, we notarize documents very efficiently, not only for us but also efficient for signers and business people alike.

on average we save signers an hour and a half between transit, getting ready ect.

call in with any device

Virtual notary sessions can be accessed by any device.

whether its phone, iPad or a desktop you can be sure you can call in to your notary sessions.

Quick and easy process

After ID verification online notary sessions take less than 10 minutes and upon completion of the session signers are instantly given their document in PDF form for their use.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

why are use an online notary?

Online notary services differ from traditional paper notarizations in many ways. Virtual notary services has many benefits such as ease of use, flexibility and a great modern take to paper notarizations

How our process works

Common Documents

And Many more

  • FHA /HUD Loan, Refinancing, Home Purchase, Reverse Mortgage Property Tax Lien, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

DMV Forms, Towing Forms, Affidvits

Power of attorney, marital/divorce documents, apostle, destruction certificate, driver-permit & other documents.  

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