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Top 3 Remote Online Notary Services of 2023

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You may need a notary for various reasons.These can include signing a contract, a will, or other legal documents.

Remote notary services have become available in 2023. This makes it easier to have a document notarized from a distance. Thankfully, there is now a wide range of top services to choose from. These services provide a secure and convenient way to have documents notarized without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Some of the top remote online notary services of 2023 include Notarize, NotaryCam, and DocVerify. These services offer a secure, convenient approach to online notary sessions. They are available at any location and work with any device.


The most robust and reliable remote online notarization software in my opinion is Notarize.

Notarize offers a simple and streamlined experience that allows users to have documents notarized in minutes. They use a secure cloud platform. Users can upload documents onto this platform. The documents will then be reviewed and notarized by a licensed notary.

The experience is incredibly user-friendly and the turnaround time is quick and efficient. The service includes an eSignature tool, a document vault, and other tools. This makes the online notarization process simple and straightforward.

Notarize has been chosen as the top choice. This is due to its around-the-clock mobile access and its leading position in the industry. It has been a headliner since its inception in 2015 and has seen a dramatic increase in demand in 2020. In addition, they have partnered with Adobe Sign to provide notarization and digital signature integration.

Notarization signup and knowledge based authentication typically take 15 minutes. Notarial sessions take around five. With the use of notarize and online notary services, you can contact an online notary public every day of the year.

Best for multiple signers

Another Service that I find very useful is BlueNotary. BlueNotary provides notarization services and digital signature integration with the help of qualified and licensed notaries. It offers flexible and secure solutions for notarization, document verification and authentication. The multiple signer and on demand witness feature is extremely useful in a pinch.

The process is simple and fast with a turnaround time of just 10 minutes. With BlueNotary, you can get a notarized document wherever you are and whenever you need it. It also offers a secure online platform for its customers so that their documents are safe and secure.

Bluenotary has advantages over Notarize. These include access to online notaries any time of day, as well as on-demand witnesses.

Not all services offer this feature. Blue notary also features real-time tracking of documents and notifications when documents are signed. Additionally, it provides a secure audit trail to ensure the authenticity of documents.

The platform is also integrated with many third-party apps, such as Adobe Sign and DocuSign, for convenient document signing. With its secure and reliable services, BlueNotary is the perfect choice for any business or individual in need of notarization services.


NotaryCam was chosen for its capacity to facilitate virtual sign-offs from multiple people in separate areas. Based in Newport Beach, California, the firm has been operational since 2012 and finished its first online home loan closing two years later. Offering services in all 50 states, NotaryCam has an impressive 99.8% customer satisfaction rating for over 1 million online notarizations.

They provide a face-to-face meeting with a live notary trained through their own NotaryCam Academy. You need a laptop or desktop with a webcam and audio functions and high-speed internet to use NotaryCam. It’s on 24/7/365 for most notarizations. Real estate closings are also available.

NotaryCam provides a quick and easy way to notarize documents online; it takes only a few minutes to finish the process. Depending on where you are located, the cost may vary from $25 to $79 per notarization. Small businesses and enterprise-level customers can enjoy a discount when they purchase 10 or more documents per month. This is a great way to save money.

What is remote online notarization?

Remote online notarization (RON) is a process that allows notaries to perform notarial acts remotely using electronic tools and digital documents. It eliminates the need to be physically present with the signer and enables notarizations to be completed quickly and securely. The technology used by NotaryCam meets the standards set by the National Association of Secretaries of State and the American Association of Notaries.

Is an online notary valid?

Yes, online notarizations are valid in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. NotaryCam has been approved by the National Notary Association and is compliant with the laws of each state. The online notary process is secure, convenient, and cost-effective. It provides peace of mind that all documents are properly notarized.

How are online documents notarized?

Online documents are notarized through the use of secure, web-based technology. The notary and the customer interact in real-time, via audio and video, so the notary can observe the customer signing the document. A digital signature is then applied to the document, and the notary stamps and seals the document. All documents are then securely stored for future reference.

What is the best online notary service for foreign people?

NotaryCam is an excellent online notary service for foreign citizens. It is compliant with all state laws, secure, convenient and cost-efficient. Additionally, it offers peace of mind that all documents are properly notarized.

Online documents can be notarized using secure web-based technology. The notary and customer interact in real-time. A digital signature is applied to the document and the notary stamps and seals the document. All documents are securely stored for future reference.

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