Author name: Albert Lee

online notaries

Are online notaries safe?

Online notaries have become increasingly popular in today’s digital era, revolutionizing the way we handle important documents. But are they safe? Let’s explore the safety aspects of online notaries and discover how they provide secure and legally binding services for your document needs. Key Takeaways Online notaries offer secure and legally binding services for document

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What Is an Apostille?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on apostilles and their role in international document authentication. If you are planning to use your documents abroad or need them to be legally recognized in another country, it’s crucial to understand what an apostille is and how it can help authenticate your documents for international use. An apostille is

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What is an Online notary?

Online notarization is a convenient and secure way of completing notarial acts without needing to visit an in-person notary. It involves a commissioned notary using an electronic seal and digital certificate to legally sign documents. The process is quick, affordable and increasingly popular for both business and personal transactions. Online notarization is a great alternative

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